Top 10 Summer Toys

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Are you on the hunt for some fun things to do with the kids this summer? Are you looking for some new ideas to freshen up the holidays and make the most of the weather?

We have put together a list of some of our most popular summer products (and some new products coming soon too) that we hope will give you some inspiration!

1. Children’s Garden Tool Set: House of Marbles
This classic garden tool set includes a colourful metal trowel, two forks and a watering can and is housed in an equally colourful waterproof bag. It’s perfect for first time gardeners. RRP £14.50.

2. Pocket Kite: House of Marbles
When living in a city with so many green spaces - The Downs, Ashton Court and Blaise Castle to name but a few - these little kites provide an exciting way to make the most of them. They give a focus to picnics and walks, and help little ones to look forward to windier days, because let’s face it, whether in Bristol or taking one of these kites to the beach, British summers never disappoint us for windy days. RRP £4.99.

3. Submarine/Tugboat: Green Toys
From the moment these sturdy, recycled floaters come into stock, we are being asked for more of them. They are the perfect toys for the bath, paddling pool, sea and swimming pool, and have a nifty little spout so that even after they have been filled up with water they can be tipped back out to sail away again! RRP £10.99.

4. Playball: Bertoy
These balls are as simple as they sound. They have bright designs on them and the 13cm and 18cm styles have lovely textured grip to help little hands catch them. Perfect for games in the park. RRP ranging from £3.99-£10.99.

5. Bubble Gun: House of Marbles
Bubbles are always fun, but the bubble gun is for those little ones that struggle blowing bubbles by themselves. Simply load the bubble pot into the gun and squeeze the trigger. Bubbles will be all around you before you know it! RRP £4.99.

6. Pop-Up Play House (Coming Soon!): Marresa
Arriving in stock in early July, will be a range of pop up play houses that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor adventures - providing that the weather stays dry! They have inbuilt play-mat floors so that toys can be taken and played with on the floor, a pull back roof for parents to keep an eye on indoor picnics, and 2 entrances so that more than one little one can get in and out of it quickly and easily. RRP £25.99.

7. Velcro Ball Game: Legler
This is a classic game for older children. Hold the bat, throw the soft ball to one another and catch it on the sticky velcro pad! Turn the bat over if you’d rather have a game of bat and ball and knock the rubber ball to and fro. My personal favourite is to play bat and ball on the beach having carved a court into the sand! RRP £4.50.

8. Water Pistols: Legler
Be it the ‘Travel’, ‘All Rounder’, or ‘Professional’ pistol, these three weapons bring water fights with them wherever they go. Add a couple of energised kids, towels and an easy tea for later and you have a day of memories made very easily. RRP ranging from £6.99-£16.99.


9. Tea Set: Green Toys
Take this recycled tea set into the garden, play-house, or along with you to a teddy bear’s picnic. The plastic can be left outside and is nice, subtle colours. The set includes 17 pieces; a tea pot and lid, sugar bowl with lid, creamer, 4 cups, 4 saucers and 4 spoons! RRP £21.99.

10. Pop-Up Goal: Legler
This is the perfect toy to take to the park and practise in between chilled evenings watching the Euros on TV (come on England!). Practise your shooting and goalie skills for as long as you like in the hope of one day being the next Joe Hart. Once you're finished and the sun starts to set, fold it into an ‘8’ shape and slide it back into its bag to be carried home. RRP £14.50.

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