Boys Hats, Accessories & Footwear

BANZ Adventure Orange
Kids Banz orange adjustable strap sunglasses. This product has a super tough, polycarbonate lens and a unique neoprene band for the comfort of your child. Special filters provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.
BANZ Sunglasses/Black
JBanz category 3 sunglasses. High sun glare reduction and good UV protection make these sunglasses the perfect pair of sunglasses for your child. Comes with a head band to attach to the glasses as well as a cosy protective pouch.
CHIPMUNKS Dream Slippers/Blue
These hard soled slippers are perfect for any time of the year! They are fully fleece lined and have hard soles so you can pitter patter in the garden without worrying about getting wet toes!
CHIPMUNKS Spike Slippers
Soft terry indoor slippers with warm lining and twin touch and close adjustable fastenings
FRUGI Little Toby Hat/Vintage Stars
Twill hat with Frugi patch.